"Johnny Angel"

          The Entertainer
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Johnny Angel: "My 3 Marco Island Songs And More..."
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Available on CD, this compilation
  consists of 8 songs in all,  all of
  them originals...
Listen to "The Marco Island Rap Song"
Johnny Angel: "Merry Xmas                   Marco Island"
  Available on CD, including the original
"Ringing In A Brand New Year On Marco"
                   11 songs in all...
Listen to "Merry Xmas Marco Island"
$10 (plus shipping)
$10 (plus shipping)

To order by e-mail, "marcoangels@yahoo.com"
I also accept 'PayPal'...contact me for details!
To order by phone, call 1-239-404-0478
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Video of Johnny at the
    Olde Marco Inn! ere to add text.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bNFzKOejikd text.
CClick above  to watch video of Johnny  on the high seas